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Our Coffee

mudd-hutt.jpgOur obsession with quality isn’t new. We’ve always had lofty expectations for ourselves but our roaster’s professional standards are supercilious! That’s so high, we don’t even really know what it means.

You must have a passion for coffee to create unmistakable taste. With a selection of over 200 products, Mountain Mudd offers franchises-and our customers-the world’s finest coffees, flavors, and supplies.

The raw goods behind our lengthy menu are nothing short of elitist, uppity, high-hatted, indulgent, and best-in-the-business good, but we don’t like to brag. Taste it once and you’ll see for yourself.

Product consistency is the real challenge of any serious brand, and specialty coffee roasting is an art. We seek the best and defy the odds by being both consistent AND distinguished.

Coffee is an agricultural product that changes from crop to crop. The raw coffee will also change throughout the year, trading intensity and aroma for smoothness and body. Our Roastmaster maintains consistency by meticulously selecting the beans and then cupping them routinely after roasting.

Using techniques form the old school, each of our nine beans is roasted with patience over natural Oakwood fire. Only after the roasting is complete are they blended together.

The intensity of the Mountain Mudd blend is balanced by a rich body (without a trace of harsh acidity) and smooth, long lasting finish. Discriminating consumers also appreciate great crema, beautiful deep amber color, and sweet aroma. Its predominant flavor characteristic is dark chocolate but it also has notes of roasted hazelnut, slight smokiness, and sweetness of caramel. Mountain Mudd espresso tastes delicious on its own but its unique flavor also comes through in today’s very popular espresso and milk layered drinks.





Popular Drinks

Caramel Mudd Macchiato - A cafe latte blended with a thick stream of Caramel Mudd, smothered with whipped cream and yummy caramel drizzled on top.

Mocha Mudd - A cafe latte blended with thick chocoholic chocolate topped with fresh whipped cream and dusted with chocolate.

Strawberries and Cream - Yes. These are real strawberry buds scooped in with our white chocolate. Make sure you treat yourself and top it off with real whipped cream.